"Listen man, I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you. I completed the end of program survey and sent it, but I wanted to send this as well. When I first came to you, I hated my father with real hate. It was affecting my health, business, and my relationship with my own children. I really got mad with you when you showed me that unconsciously, I was doing to my children what he did to me. But, in Mario Brown fashion you were totally unmoved by my tantrum. ROTFL. You helped me realize that when you love your children and want the very best for them but are afraid they won’t make it in this world you tend to go overboard in discipline and in an effort to shield them, we smother them. I have gone to my dad and repented for the disrespect and misunderstanding of his intent. We are now fishing every weekend. Also, I apologized to my kids and we are repairing our relationship. I may need you again. Thank you, brother for doing what you do and not giving up."

-J.Reynolds Memphis, TN


"Life Matters Life Coaching with Mario C. Brown is a life changing experience. Mario has an impeccable way of helping you see life from a different perspective. His non-aggressive approach helps individuals embrace their natural skills and abilities and provide a simple course of action that highlights their market value. Working with Mario has improved my understanding of the proper way to combine my values, education, skills, and abilities with my life and professional goals.   One of the most powerful quotes he imparted to me is “you are more than your degree and what you have accomplished. Successfully navigating through life begins with accepting who you are”. Most professional mentors always start and end with what you have accomplished. This is not the case with Mario. I strongly recommend this service to anyone looking to clarify their personal and professional life. My greatest five takeaways are: 1. How to embrace your natural skills and abilities. 2. How to market your natural skills and abilities 3. Identify and define individual strengths and realize their purpose and scope. 4. How to create a plan and strategy for utilizing natural skills and abilities that promote individual growth, development, and career success and mobility. 5. Helped define what is the real definition of success and embracing your reality."

- Dr. Nicholas J. Bolden, CEO, The Bolden Group, Auburn, AL


"I've had the absolute pleasure of knowing Mario C. Brown for over 20 years and it's been a ride that requires me to "Put On My Life Jacket" because I know that every interaction with him - we are launching out into the deep. He doesn't play around in shallow water, because he's a Deep kinda brother. One thing about Mario, he's going to push you to the limit but he's not going to allow you to drown. There were many occasions where he touched an open wound in my life and challenged me to deal with the root cause of that wound. The only way to heal 100%, one must start at the root and work its way up. I must be honest, there were MANY days when I did not want to deal with "THE ROOT CAUSE" because it was painful and embarrassing. I had become so COMFORTABLE operating and living with my dysfunctions to the point it had become a part of my life and it seemed "NORMAL", but it wasn't! I can remember one day he said to me, "You're not ready! When the STUDENT is READY, the TEACHER will SHOW UP". Well, that shifted my thought process because I wanted to heal so that I could live my best healthy life. Mario C. Brown has saved ME from ME! Through his friendship, teaching, charismatic spirit, prayers and his sense of humor, I am living my BEST LIFE and LOVING THE TRUTH!!!"

-Shavonda G. McCaleb CEO, SDAP Marketing LLC Los Angeles, CA