Faith, Belief, and the Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur will tell you that the journey into starting, branding, and growing your own business is not for the weak or timid. One must possess internal fortitude to navigate successfully. Belief and faith are vital elements in this process. Entrepreneurship often tests many essential areas of a person's life. Family, marriages, friendships, and even dating relationships can and will be affected in some way. Understanding this is critical. This program will help you develop insightful principles and concepts that will bring personal stability as you grow your business and your brand. 

Target #1- To learn how to manage the emotional and spiritual aspects of entrepreneurship. 

Target #2- To learn how to allow God to reveal step by step plans in your building process. 

Target #3- Learn critical skills for managing relationships and self-care while building your own business and your brand. 

Target #4- Learn how to trust God when you don’t see the manifestation in your efforts.