Relationship Recovery

Relationships can be complicated whether marital, dating, platonic, or family, each can be challenging to navigate. The break-up of any relationship can feel as if you are dying.  Medical research has shown that the brain reacts the same way to a relationship break-up as when a person grieves the passing of a loved one. The challenge is finding the most effective way for an individual to heal healthily and to move forward in life.  

Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" remedy for getting over and moving on after a break-up. Each person feels different levels of intensity and emotional pain. For this reason, we work with you to develop your process of healing. This is a 4 session program. 

Target #1- To learn to be transparent with yourself about what you are feeling and experiencing. 

Target #2- To learn how to properly respect your pain and heal from it. 

Target #3- To learn how to recover without bitterness.

Target #4- To learn how to rid yourself of repeated patterns that attract the wrong people into your life. 

Target #5- Learn to handle family disputes in a healthy way. 

Target #6- Learn how to recover if there is no reconciliation.